Elk Run Farm

22500 SE 275th Pl, Maple Valley, WA 98038, USA
Posted on December 4, 2017 / 2170
Site Type : Social Service Agency
Location : Maple Valley
Soil Type : Fill
Amendments : Manure-Match

Elk Run Farm, located on a former golf course, is supported by the South King County Food Coalition and works to increase access to fresh fruits/vegetables for low-income families and educate volunteers and food bank customers about locally grown produce for increased consumption.   Produce grown at Elk Run Farm is delivered to 12 South King County food banks throughout the growing season.

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Maria Anderson
Farm Manager

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Elk Run Farm-In Ground/Amended Native Soil Elk Run Farm grows produce for 12 local food banks on what was once a golf course where large amounts of sand were added to the soil to increase drainage.   Elk Run Farm’s first soil test showed very low levels of organic matter and a low CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) which indicates the soils inability to hold and release nutrients.   Increasing the CEC by adding organic matter (quality compost and cover cropping) to the soil was their first priority.  Until the soil can adequately hold and release nutrients, application of N-P-K is often wasted. Have you had your soil tested?  KCD offers 5 FREE soil tests to qualified King County residents (visit KCD's website for details).
Tristan, a core volunteer at Elk Run Farm shared, "As I gained experience and knowledge of the inner workings on the farm, the crew felt more confident in my skill and allowed me to lead a small team on simple tasks when they had a large group come down and had to divide them up. This gave me a taste of team leadership, and while it was challenging, I felt a bit of pride and joy to see my team's progress at the end. I still haven't forgotten that, and sincerely appreciate the chance and the trust they gave me." Do you have a story of volunteering or growing at Elk Run Farm?  Contact Melissa.Tatro@kingcd.org to share your story.
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